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Experience matters. YOUR experience.

Mario’s Blog

From New Jersey to New York in less than an hour: Seastreak Ferry

Driving to New York City from Monmouth County is a viable option. Taking the bus is also convenient, but these two modes of transportation can become mundane. An alternative and scenic option for you would be to take the Seastreak Ferry, which you can board from Atlantic Highlands or Highlands. Here are some of the (…Read More)

Which remodeling projects have the best ROI?

Home remodeling ranks high among homeowners’ list of things to do, especially if you want to improve your property’s value. To make sure the money and time you invested are worth it, here are some home renovation projects that ensure sizable return of investment. Kitchen remodel — Renovations done in the heart of the home (…Read More)

Layering #KitchenLight

Layering light is a technique that is often used in dining rooms or living rooms but, until recently, wasn’t utilized in the kitchen. Now kitchens have become the hub of the home, being used for socializing, eating and entertaining, as well as homework stations or home offices. Layering light is the best way to provide (…Read More)