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Experience matters. YOUR experience.

Experience matters. YOUR experience.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

This beautifully updated kitchen is featured in one of our newest listings in Fair Haven. 468 Harding Road, Fair Haven, NJ 07704. Please call me for more information on this 5-bedroom, 4 bath, 3977 sq. ft. home.

Not all home improvement projects will increase the value of your home and give you a return on investment. That is why it is essential to research and plan ahead before starting on a project.  Which project will give you the most return on your investment?  What are home buyers looking for today? As a real estate expert in Monmouth County, New Jersey I can suggest which improvements will yield you the greatest results. Call me today for an appointment.

If you plan to sell your home soon or in the future, you can start increasing its value now. This is what I suggest:

  • Start with small home improvement projects

If you are not ready to jump into bigger home improvement projects, start small.  Work on simple tasks like adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls, replace old carpets and declutter your home.  These types of projects may seem insignificant but can make a world of difference in your home’s overall appeal.

  • Boost your home’s curb appeal

Curb appeal is an essential home selling factor that can raise the value of your property. The first impression home buyers get upon seeing your house can influence their decision to buy it. Highlight your home’s outdoor features like your lawn (manicured and free of leaves), landscaping, walkway, and front door. You can repaint or replace your front door, replace your current mailbox with a new one, or add seasonal potted plants on your front porch to create an inviting entrance to your home.

  • Upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms

Two areas that matter most to homebuyers are the kitchen and bathrooms. Upgrading or improving these areas can instantly boost your home’s value. If you aren’t ready to replace your entire kitchen, consider repainting the cabinets, replace the tile backsplash, and switch to stainless steel appliances. This can go a long way in improving the look of your kitchen.

As for the bathrooms, consider replacing fixtures like lighting, mirrors, faucets, showerheads and tile. Replacing an outdated sink and vanity with a more modern one can greatly improve the look of your bathroom.

  • Keep your house clean and well-maintained at all times

Aside from looking immaculate, a well-maintained home can prevent future home issues. Potential problems should be fixed in a timely manner to avoid more costly repairs. Just like your home’s curb appeal, a clean home makes a good first impression and is instantly more attractive to buyers.

I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 1992 and have sold over $1 Billion in real estate. Now is the perfect time to sell! Put my knowledge and expertise to work for you. My dedication, integrity, and negotiating skills and commitment to providing exceptional service will make the sale of your home easy and stress free. Call me at 732-881-4306 or email me at