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Enjoy the sun, sand, and surf in beautiful Sea Bright, NJ

Sea Bright is more than a seaside escape; it is low-key, family-oriented and All-American!

What is it like living in Sea Bright?

Waterfront towns always seem to be more laid back than their landlocked counterparts. It’s the same with Sea Bright – relaxed and low-key, locals enjoy unprecedented access to miles of shoreline and a great surf.

Around half of the population are year-round residents

Sixty to seventy percent of Sea Bright’s population are locals – as in, the people you’ll see around town the whole year. The rest of the statistic are part-time residents – people who own beach houses in town. Part-time residents also don’t just come by every summer; they visit their secondary homes year-round, whenever they feel like being close to the ocean.

Given the number of residents in Sea Bright, as well as the groups of tourist the borough attracts, you’re probably expecting to find the beach a crowded affair. It’s not! Tourists only come by during the summer, and you’re more likely to find locals in the beach throughout the year. It’s almost like owning a private beach – the odds of seeing new faces along the strip are smaller than you think.

There are plenty of things to do aside from the beach

Sea Bright is home to a number of private beach clubs, each with their own sets of perks and privileges. If you’re looking for something else to do, biking and running are popular land activities in town. The downtown area is also a lively spot with restaurants that range from casual eateries to fancy establishments.

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