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About Sea Bright

Jutting upwards from Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright is a natural barrier peninsula formed by the interaction of ocean currents, waves, and tides. It is flanked on its west side by the Shrewsbury River and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. That said, Sea Bright will provide you with miles upon miles of shoreline on both sides. Just across the river are the towns of Rumson and Highlands, while taking the top part of the peninsula where the river opens up to the sea is Sandy Hook. Sea Bright and its surrounding towns form part of Monmouth County, which has a total land area of 472 square miles.

The total number of Sea Bright residents is only at a little past 1,000, as of 2020 US Census figures. However, summer seasons are peak seasons for visitors when they flock to this Jersey Shore-based borough to escape the summer heat and enjoy the stretch of beach, the fantastic array of local restaurants, and the historic landmarks found here. It could get pretty hectic in this area but residents are always ready

Given its status as an exclusive enclave in the Garden State, you can expect households in Sea Bright to have a median income of about $101,583 (as of 2021), with most residents employed in knowledge-based, white-collar jobs.

What the area is known for

Anywhere you face, you'll be assured that each Sea Bright property will have a stunning view of the sunrise and the waters off the coast. You can also take your pick of the myriad of watersports and other marine activities that are available in Sea Bright. Easy access is also guaranteed on both public and private beaches in the area.

Though it receives a steady number of visitors, Sea Bright is still known for being a safe place to live as it has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Brief history

Before it was officially established as a New Jersey borough on March 21, 1889, Sea Bright had humble beginnings as a fishing community. But even then, Native Americans recognized its unique beauty – calling the area, Nauvoo, meaning “bright sea”.

Even in its early days as a young borough in Monmouth County, locals saw its potential as a vacation destination. The peninsula was observed to be the perfect spot for seaside recreation as it was easily accessible from neighboring areas.


Sea Bright’s nature as a strip of land between two bodies of water, plus its connection to the mainland on the south end, allows its residents to enjoy suburban coastal living while still having easy access to urban conveniences.

It’s easy to imagine a picturesque residence by the waterfront in Sea Bright with most, if not all, its homes having the advantage of a sunrise view. The area is very walkable, with homes being a short journey away from the town center and recreation spots.

Having been established in the late 1880s, you can expect a more traditional aesthetic to the houses in Sea Bright, with homes designed for leisurely living by the ocean.

The housing market

Those attracted to daily doses of sun, surf, and sea are most likely to put the houses for sale in Sea Bright on their radar, especially in recent times when the housing market is leaning more toward buyers. With such a small land area for properties, it’s expected that finding available houses for sale in Sea Bright will be a challenge – but all this is changing with the change of tides in the market as there are more homes to choose from compared to the demand. Home buyers have more opportunities to gain an edge in negotiations and purchase the homes or condos for sale in Sea Bright at prices within their reach.

Looking at statistics within a three-year period, home values are playing within a range of around $800,000 to a little past $1 million – a reasonable price range, given that the housing stock in Sea Bright, NJ primarily consists of prime waterfront homes for sale.

It’s also not surprising that many retirees are coming to Sea Bright to spend the best years of their lives amid the sound of crashing waves and the feel of the fresh sea breeze. Walkability is also tops and there is no shortage of ways to visit destinations in and around the area. (More on this later.) That said, rates this borough as the most retiree-friendly among all neighborhoods in New Jersey.

Architectural styles

From the name itself, you’ll know that Sea Bright is a beach town with a relatively established nautical design. Thus, it’s not surprising to see homes sporting architectural styles with marine motifs and using sturdy materials to withstand the elements. You’ll find an abundance of beach cottages and raised beach houses here, along with Victorian, Cape Cod, and Contemporary influences among larger estates and those in the historic district.

Available property types

The borough is perfect for both growing families (young professionals who regularly indulge in watersports) and retirees (couples who want to settle down in a cozy seaside town with easy access to the metro). That’s why the homes for sale in Sea Bright are those that allow them access to the beach right outside their doorstep, as well as low-maintenance living spaces. That said, you’ll find a diverse selection of property types in the area, from single-family homes and townhomes to condos and apartments.


Residents of Sea Bright, NJ get to enjoy having the ocean a few feet away from the comfort of their homes. Imagine ending a long day of work and feeling the soft, powdery sand between your toes – it’s hard to imagine anything else more relaxing.

Getting in and around

Sea Bright becomes an epicenter of activity, especially during weekends. That’s because the area has plenty of recreation, shopping, dining, and outdoor experiences to choose from, apart from simply going to the beach.

The good news is, there are several ways of traveling in this Jersey Shore peninsula. Its residents could bring a private car and cruise along Ocean Avenue, a scenic main artery running along the Atlantic coastline which cuts through the entirety of Sea Bright. They could exit the peninsula to the mainland via two options: either via Shrewsbury River Bridge which will bring them to Rumson or Sandy Hook Bridge which will bring them to Highlands via Route 36. They could also opt for public transport like the local ferry or the New Jersey Transit for trips to the mainland. Travelling via the waterways is also possible via a private boat or yacht as there are a number of public marinas to dock in by the mainland.



    Sea Bright is known for its pristine beaches, a good number of which are available for public access.

    Visitors over the age of 12 can access the beach with a seasonal or daily badge to support the conservation, safety, and lifeguard rescue here. There are also available hourly-rate parking and restrooms, along with dining and shopping options right down the road from the beach.


    BeachWalk is one of the premier hotels you could book for your visit to Sea Bright. They provide two distinct experiences with their Luxury Oceanside rooms, which offer a truly deluxe experience and breathtaking views; and Classic Oceanside rooms, where you can embrace a laid-back beach lifestyle.

    Meet the locals or other visitors at TheBAR at BeachWalk, enjoy a relaxing afternoon by their wave-shaped pool or private beach, and explore what the borough has to offer by exploring the beachside shopping and dining options towards the evening.


    Family-owned and operated since its establishment in 1996, Anjelica’s Restaurant serves excellent Italian-American cuisine with valuable recipes passed down from generation to generation.

    The current manager is the namesake herself, Anjelica, who was 10 years old when her father, Raymond Lena, opened the restaurant. As one of the must-visit locations in Sea Bright, it certainly highlights the local community and how they’ve settled and nurtured the area.

    Try out their specialties of street food and sandwiches, sit down for dinner, or order online.


    Also known as the Navesink Light Station, the Twin Lights Lighthouse overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, Sandy Hook Bay, and the New York City skyline.

    It’s a quick drive north of Sea Bright into Highlands. Soak in the history of the almost 200-year-old lighthouse – the first one to use the Fresnel lens in the country.


    Originally opened in 1976, Donovan’s has a lifeguarded beach that serves cocktails in the sand.

    It was temporarily closed after Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012 but reopened in 2015 starting with their signature Tiki Bar. Recognized in 2018 as one of the best beach bars in America, Donovan’s Reef is one of the nightlife experiences you’ll have to try in Sea Bright.

Events and activities


    Opened in 1957 by the Stavola Family, Edgewater offers the top private beach club experience in Sea Bright.

    They promise one of the most luxurious getaways in the county – its private cabanas provide spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Invite your friends and family for festivities catered by the Edgewater staff.

    The Edgewater Cafe is also open seven days a week. Members have exclusive access to annual open and closing parties for the season, along with other events.


    North of Sea Bright from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to Breezy Point, New York City lies 27,000 acres of green spaces and historical locations in Gateway National Recreation Area. Established by the National Park Services, the park is open throughout the year for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities.


    About half an hour away from Sea Bright in Red Bank, NJ, this venue has hosted performances from Tony Bennett, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, and William J. “Count” Basie himself. Opened in 1926, the Basie was originally called Reade’s Carlton Theater. Having stood the test of time, this non-profit establishment has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places in America. It has also proven time and again that it’s the top location for the most impressive visual arts and entertainment in the county.


    Theater fans and performers will find a home in First Avenue Playhouse, one of the longest ongoing community dessert theaters in Monmouth County. It’s a unique experience to enjoy delectable cake, coffee, and tea half an hour before the show. The theater is home to one-of-a-kind performances every month.

Schools and business districts

Sea Bright has the advantage of being accessible to both pristine beaches and metropolitan areas. With this, your kids can play and explore amid wide-open spaces while being a short drive away from quality schools within Monmouth County.

Consider enrolling your child in some of the top schools on the coast, including Marine Academy of Science & Technology, Shore Regional High School, Red Bank Catholic High School, and Monmouth Beach Elementary School.

The borough also has the Sea Bright Library & Cultural Arts Center, which is perfect for after-school learning and additional enrichment for both kids and adults.


What’s the fastest way to get to know Sea Bright, NJ real estate? Ask your expert Realtor about the ins and outs of living by the coast. You could start with the questions below.

Is investing in a beach property a good idea?

Start from a more personal standpoint: Do you see yourself living by the beach for years into the future? Along with this, would you be able to maintain a real estate property that is vulnerable to the elements?

These considerations also come with the pros, of course, where you can enjoy some of the loveliest beachside communities. Waterfront homes in Sea Bright are both comfortable and premium, which can be highly beneficial for your family for years to come.

How would you rate the homes for sale in Sea Bright, NJ?

Make this question a bit more challenging for your real estate agent by asking them how they would compare it to similar coastal areas or neighborhoods further inland. Sea Bright is a neighborhood on a strip of land, so ask your Realtor for detailed information on:

  • The most recent maintenance on the property;

  • What to expect when the weather turns for the worse; and

  • Listing with the most and the least attention.

What are your recommendations for home maintenance? And how should I prepare for storms and other inclement weather?

Following the previous question, ask your real estate agent about their expertise in the area. It’s recommended that you work with an experienced agent who’s either a long-time resident or a native of the area you’re interested in. Test their knowledge of the area by asking them about the strategies they have to make sure their residence can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them.

Should I expect huge crowds during tourist season?

Sea Bright is easily accessible from the more urban areas of Monmouth County, so if you’re concerned about how crowded it may get during the sunnier days, consult your real estate agent on what happens when the crowds come in.

If you’re considering a vacation property in Sea Bright, this could also form the basis for your decision on the kind of house to invest in and its potential for profit from tourists wanting to stay for the season. But before doing so, make sure to also research and understand local laws and zoning regulations to avoid potential legal hassles.


There’s nothing like working with a real estate expert to ensure success in your home-buying endeavor. In Sea Bright and other notable areas of the Garden State, there’s one expert with the tools and expertise to assist you in your real estate transaction – yours truly, Mario Venancio.

My priority is to get you the home you’ve always dreamed of in the most convenient and least stressful way. Let me help you discover homes for sale in Sea Bright, NJ today! Give me a call at 732.881.4306 or 732.530.2800, or you could send a message here.

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If you’ve always dreamed of tranquil suburban living close to the ocean and close enough to the greatest city in the world, New York, Rumson, NJ is for you. Let a local real estate expert like Mario Venancio help you fulfill your real estate goals. Contact Mario at 732.881.4306 or send him a message here.

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